Welcome to the Parent Resource Room Page!

 Our PRR provides a resource library, educational and parenting workshops, computer access, and information to help parents/families. Our goal is to assist parents in helping their children become better learners so they experience academic success!

What is the parent resource room?

  • A safe and respectful place available to parents of Autaugaville School where families can learn from each other as individuals and in groups, collaborate to develop strategies and serve as problem solvers, provide families with information and/or training on creating a home learning environment connected to formal learning opportunities, equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning.

 What can I expect to find in a parent resource room?

  • A variety of books that can be borrowed for both parents and children dealing with family issues, homework tips, and study guides.
  • Free brochures and pamphlets that address a wide range of family and educational topics.
  • New IPADS with internet access for use in the Parent Resource Room.
  • A word processor and printer available for writing letters, resumes, etc.

 Who can help me in the parent resource room if I have a question and the room isn’t staffed?

  • Please see the front office to locate someone to assist you.

 When may I use the parent resource room?

  • The Parent Resource Room is available Monday-Friday during school hours                                                                                                                                             

 Where is the Parent Resource Room located?

  • The Parent Resource Room is located inside the school in room #428 to the right of the nurse’s station.

 What do I need to do to use the Parent Resource Room?

  • You should contact the main office and let school staff know that you would like to check out resources or obtain brochures/pamphlets from the parent resource room.

Important Parent Documents

RTI Parent Information Letter