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Alabama Public Television (APT): Beginning April 6, Alabama Public Television (APT) will modify regularly scheduled programming on its main channel weekdays to offer specific pre-K-12 resources between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. Program modifications will take place throughout the duration of school closures and will address a wide variety of content areas. Educators and parents will have access to supplemental lesson plans and curriculum materials to facilitate meaningful use of the content. See your local TV listings, satellite or cable guide to identify the station serving your area, or call APT toll free at 1-800-239-5233. Alabama Public Television is identified as “PBS” by some listings providers. Station information can also be found online at In addition to broadcast, APT offers free, online resources. APT’s resources are Alabama state standards aligned, customizable, and can be fully integrated with digital teaching platforms like Google Classroom and Remind. You can create your own free account to save and organize content at

Homework Hotline: Alabama Public Library Service provides free homework help, tutoring, and test prep at with extended hours of 10 am-11pm for Homework Help & Academic Tutoring for 60+ subjects

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