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Weekly News

Weekly News  

Reading: This week we are reading The First Tortilla

Comprehension Skills: A plot is what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story. A story’s theme is the “big idea” that the author wants the reader to learn from the story. This can be a moral lesson. Good readers make sure they understand what they read. Does something seem confusing to you as you read? Seek clarification. First, ask yourself a question. Then reread the paragraph. Think about what it says. Does it answer your question?

Phonics Skill:     vowel digraphs - ex. fruit, grew, blueberries, broom

High Frequency Words:    enough, took, around, many, thought

Selection Words:

awaken- cause to stop sleeping

cliffs- steep rock faces, like those at the edge of the sea

mountain- a high, steep hill that is often rocky

prize- something given to someone as a reward

rainbow- a display of many colors

suffer- to experience something bad or unpleasant

volcano- cone-shaped mountain with a hole in the top that sends out melted rock and gases

Spelling Words:     too, blue, suit, juice, new, true, spoon, drew, fruit, fool, clue, flew

Conventions:   Adverbs tell more about a verb. Many things happen in a certain order. Some adverbs can tell order. Theses adverbs are time transition words. Joe saw the moon before. He will read about it now. Adverbs can tell more about a verb by telling how an action is done. Adverbs that tell how usually end in –ly. Ex. When she looked up, she saw the mountain clearly. Clearly tells how she saw the mountain.

Math: Students will add and subtract three-digit numbers with and without regrouping.